An all-new calendar visually designed for quick and easy reading
of various information pertaining to the different seasons, days, holidays…

What is the Temporalis Calendar for the Cognitively Impaired?

  • A temporal orientation tool
  • A calendar designed for seniors or
    • Visually impaired individuals
    • Individuals with diminished temporal and spatial orientation
    • Individuals with reduced mobility

The Temporalis Calendar for the Cognitively Impaired can be used as:

  • A therapeutic tool designed to increase awareness of reality
  • A decorative element displayed in the living environment of patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes (bedrooms, lounge, cafeteria)
  • An appealing visual aid designed to make planning and organizing daily activities easier
  • Possibility of printing the institution’s name on identification labels that can be affixed to the front lower portion of the calendar’s back cover (see attached diagram)

Examples of calendar images